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Camp Orr High Adventure Base - Spring Break
March 15 - 18, 2007

Friday - Buffalo National Park - helped in construction of new trail up to Bench Trail

Late night arrival means we'll sleep anywhere!

Man that water's cold

Buffalo River view

Buffalo River view

Working on new trail

Buffalo National Park - working on new trail

Lunch break

Pink or blue who cares, just give me shoes to cross that river!!!

Friday - backpacking up to Antenna Pine

Leaving Camp Orr

John William - Where are you with the snacks!!!

You call this fun - right!!!

We're going up where?

I made it!


Yes, there's bodies in there somewhere.

Coffee...good to the last drop. Makes you think you are where the beans were picked.

Not a level spot to sleep anywhere.

Chris, you do know that is 75ft.

Coach, no way but down now.

Oops...kiss the rope!

Just think, I get to do this all summer.

It may be a death grip, but I'm not turning loose.

Reminds me of a helocopter I was in.

Now when did this become fun?

I hope that Terie doesn't see the previous picture.

I see blueberry pancakes in my future.

Who did that?

Are you mocking me?

Thanks Rhonda for another great trip.

Saturday - Copper Head Cave - these are not the pictures...waiting on the mail

Repelling down 25ft

Sitting Room

Sometime you crawl on your hands and knees

Sometime you crawl on your belly

It was worth the view

Wedding cake

So this is a cave???



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